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My name is Erik Chevrier. I am an accomplished professor, researcher and social activist. I am a part-time professor at Concordia University and previously taught at Dawson College. I have created a number of organizations, research projects and educational programs including; Co-op Collective Vision, The Concordia Student Run Food Groups Research Project, and The Concordia Against Austerity Speaker Series. I am also pursuing a multidisciplinary PhD in Humanities via the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University.

Academic Career

I am working towards a PhD in Humanities – my major is Sociology and minors are Social Economics and Community and Public Affairs. I am being supervised by Satoshi Ikeda, a renowned Sociology professor and creator of many social economy food cooperatives like the Concordia Food Coalition and the Hive Cafe Cooperative among others; Beverly Best – Sociology professor and expert in Marxian and socialist economic philosophy and; Anna Kruzynski – professor in the School of Community and Public Affairs and specialist in community organizing, social movements, anarchism and post-capitalist futures.

I have an multidisciplinary masters degree in the Special Individualized Program – majoring in Psychology, Communications and Cultural Studies. My masters thesis consisted of a qualitative and quantitative analysis looking at how people are affected by advertising. I also have a bachelors in Psychology, where I graduated with honours.

Teaching Career

I have taught people of all ages for over 20 years. I am the founding member of two educational cooperatives – Co-op Collective Vision, a workers coop that specializes in media education for youth and The Alternative University Project, a community learning initiative that existed during the 2012 Quebec student strike in Montreal.

In 2006, I co-founded Co-op Collective Vision and established a variety of media education programs for youth in Montreal. I created Creative Video Day Camp (a summer camp/spring break program where youth produce movies), and a variety of media courses in elementary schools in Montreal. In 2008, the Media Awareness Network awarded me with the featured media educator for my work in establishing media literacy training for youth. At our programs, youth broadcast their videos on the YouTube channel CCVwebTV, where their videos have received over 20 million hits worldwide.

I am currently a part-time professor at Concordia University; teaching in the Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Communications Studies, and Psychology Departments – a true inter-disciplinarian. I specialize in topics related to food, media, and social economy/post-capitalism from a variety of disciplines. I also teach in the psychology department, with focus on courses related to social psychology, critical psychology, motivation and emotion.

At Concordia University, I have taught Food and Culture, Media, Technology and Politics, Fundamentals of Sensation and Perception, Fundamentals of Lifespan Development, Economy and Society, Motivation and Emotion in Daily Life, and Fundamentals of Social Psychology.

In the winter of 2018, I will teach Restructuring Economies in Geography, Motivation and Emotion in Psychology, and Media, Technology and Politics in Political Science.

At Dawson College, I have taught Edible Activism and Post-Capitalist Futures through the New School Program. I was also a teaching assistant at Concordia for: Youth and Media, Advanced Statistics, and Research Methods in Psychology and Political Science.

Research Interests

I am interested in interdisciplinary action based research. I am particularly interested in building better economic models – ones that prioritizes healthy social relations and the sustainability of our biosphere. I am also interested in cooperative food organizations and community food systems. I also incorporate multimedia by video recording interviews with social activists and community organizers and making them available to the public.

One example is the Concordia Student-Run Food Groups Research Project. This research project consists of an online archive of the student run food organizations at Concordia University. These groups are pioneers of socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, cooperative democratic food services. Through this project, we are preserving their institutional memory. Because of my fundraising efforts, the research project has received over $40 000 in funding.

I have also worked with the Concordia Student Union to look into Concordia’s investment practices and made recommendations for them to implement a socially responsible investment plan. Because of my research efforts, Concordia committed to developing a $5 million dollar socially responsible investment fund (that negatively screens for fossil fuels). Furthermore, and also because of the research project, the Concordia Foundation established a committee (called the Joint Responsible Investment Advisory Committee) to further discuss socially responsible investing at Concordia. You can access the research reports here.

I also have an extensive background in psychology research. I specialize in topics related to media effects, social psychology, persuasion, social influence, conformity, motivation and hypnosis. I worked with Dr. Laurence’s hypnosis lab for six years and wrote my masters thesis on effects of advertising.

I also have worked as a lab coordinator/researcher in Dr. Ikeda’s Global Futures Laboratory, Dr. Jean Roch Laurence’s Hypnosis Laboratory, Dr. Pushkar’s Aging and Development Laboratory, Dr. Li’s Laboratory for Adult Development and Cognitive Aging, and Dr. Conway’s Social Psychology Laboratory.

Community Engagement

I am deeply involved in community activism. I am currently the Chair of Mobilization for the Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association (CUPFA). I am also a board member for Co-op Collective Vision, and the Concordia Food Coalition. At Concordia, I sit on the Joint Responsible Investment Working Group, The Food Advisory Working Group and the Arts and Science Faculty Council.

As a graduate student, I sat on the Board of Governors of Concordia University for 3 years.  As a board member I also sat on the Governance and Ethics Committee and Finance Committee. Prior to my involvement on the Board of Governors, I was involved with the Concordia Senate for two years.

In addition, I have also been involved with the following organizations as a member of the executive or the council of directors: Concordia Food Coalition, the Graduate Student Association (VP external and director), TRAC Union (vice president of bargaining), Concordia Student Union (chair of Judicial Board), and the Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation (board member).

Click Here to Preview My Full Resume – Updated May 2018